Payer Search

Payer Search is an advanced eligibility solution which identifies Medicaid, Medicare, commercial and third party coverage not known by healthcare providers. Using proprietary software, Auditz optimizes the identification of insurance coverage beyond traditional eligibility solutions by applying intelligence which scores patient accounts based on propensity to have coverage before searching and corrects for inaccurate demographic information – delivering more valuable and faster results. This flexible service occurs retrospectively as part of the revenue cycle effort and does not replace or disrupt any real-time eligibility or registration processes.

All identified coverage is reviewed to confirm the status of the account and result delivery can include notes placement and other remote business office functions. Payer Search operates off-site seamlessly with existing hospital resources and external vendors and is not a collection agency or an on-site eligibility enrollment vendor. Payer Search monitors all accounts as an eligibility “safety net” throughout the timely filing restrictions of each applicable payer.


  • Review up to two years of patient accounts
  • Identifies primary and secondary eligibility
  • Reports categorize accounts by reimbursable value
  • Excellent results working behind other vendors
  • Contingency, per transaction and subscription fees available


  • Decrease uncompensated care and bad debt
  • Streamline follow-up process and avoid unnecessary collection costs
  • Accelerate cash collections
  • Improve accuracy of eligibility on cost report filings
  • Turnkey service means no resource strain