Government Payment Services

In addition to assisting enhance revenue cycle functions through Payer Search and Transfer DRG Review, Auditz also uses its proprietary technology which identifies unknown patient eligibility and payment inaccuracies to support hospital reimbursement and cost report teams.

Medicare Disproportionate Share

  • Identifies and validates additional Medicaid inpatient days
  • Incorporates proprietary Payer Search technology to uncover missed eligibility
  • Verifies existing Medicaid inpatient days to eliminate false positives
  • Delivers clients a report of all valid inpatient days which apply to the DSH calculation

IME / GME Review

  • Identifies shadow billing opportunities related to Medicare and Medicare Advantage claims for teaching hospitals
  • Highlights accounts by current status and billing error
  • Incorporates proprietary technology to uncover comprehensive eligibility
  • Assists in the processing of result accounts

Medicare Bad Debt

  • Identifies incremental dual-eligible patients for inclusion on the Medicare Bad Debt log
  • Report identifies all qualifying accounts, including those which were newly identified
  • Provides the exact amount for write-off using hospital remittances
  • Easy to use format matches the cost report form