1. Why is Auditz more successful than other vendors?

Auditz brings together talented healthcare professionals who understand the challenges facing healthcare providers and are able to create next generation information technology solutions. Auditz continually invests in its proprietary technology which enables it to perform all functions in-house and not rely upon third parties. Auditz’ intelligent systems are uniquely designed to decipher an exhaustive volume of information and produce fast and accurate results.

2. How will Auditz coordinate and interact with our internal staff?

Many clients have invested in internal resources that are very successful at completing patient access and revenue cycle functions. Auditz customizes each engagement to work with a healthcare provider’s current operations to achieve maximum reimbursement for the minimum cost. Auditz’ services are specifically designed to complement internal staff efforts and enhance their performance. Please see the Case Studies for more details.

3. We already use another vendor. Why should we consider Auditz?

Auditz uses proprietary technology and the latest data standards to evaluate placed accounts and optimize recoveries. As a result, Auditz receives faster and more accurate information. Additionally, Auditz has added the collective wisdom of its professional team into its business intelligence platform to rapidly analyze obscure patient access and revenue cycle issues that data mining/matching alone simply cannot uncover. Typically Auditz uncovers substantial findings when performing a secondary review, even behind current vendors, and charges nothing for an assessment.

4. What type of reporting is available from Auditz?

Auditz provides multiple Microsoft Excel reports that are easy to use and understand. These reports include Payer Search Reports, Transfer DRG Reports, DSH Reports, Medicare Bad Debt Reports and IME Reports. Each report was designed to address specific audiences and can be tailored to fit individual client specifications.

5. What is the typical turnaround time until we begin to collect recoveries?

Auditz has purposefully designed its services to be simple to implement and easy to manage. Depending on the scope of work, Auditz may require a simple authorization process to begin. Once completed, Auditz will be ready to receive data and can turn around results within a matter of days.

6. Are there information systems Auditz can’t work with?

To date, Auditz has not encountered an information system which will not support its services. Auditz performs all work off-site in a fully secure encrypted environment. Data is securely transmitted to and from clients using HIPAA compliant methods.

7. Can Auditz assist in billing identified accounts?

Yes. With the appropriate system access, Auditz can update patient insurance / demographic information, append notes and bring accounts to full resolution.

8. How much do the services cost?

Auditz is flexible with the method in which it charges clients. Fees range from fixed to performance based, and any combination in between. Auditz will work with the client to accommodate their preference.

9. What type of data does Auditz require to get started?

Auditz understands the challenges some organizations have in producing data. Auditz works to ensure that the implementation process is as simple and unobtrusive as possible. All engagements require the healthcare provider to send to Auditz a specific subset of accounts based on common data specifications. Most organizations are already producing similar data files for other vendors which can be used by Auditz.

10. What types of eligibility can Auditz identify?

Auditz identifies Medicaid, Medicare, Commercial, Managed Care and Liability insurance eligibility.

11. How does Auditz ensure all Protected Health Information (PHI) is secure?

Auditz complies with all HIPAA and HITECH security standards. Auditz’ internal data security standards are more stringent than what its client’s Business Associate Agreements typically require. All Auditz team members complete focused training on compliance and security matters. Additional information is available upon request.