Auditz’ mission is to transform the way healthcare providers are forced to approach difficult and complex patient access, revenue cycle and reimbursement processes. Auditz brings together talented healthcare operators and business professionals who understand both the challenges facing healthcare providers and next generation information technology alternatives. Auditz enables its provider customers to do more with their existing limited resources. Auditz has designed each service to be complimentary to internal processes or existing external vendors. With Auditz, clients increase cash and lower costs, ultimately making them more competitive and able to direct more resources to providing better care.

Auditz’ approach is simple:

  • Never accept the status quo
  • Continually invest in proprietary technology
  • Hire experienced and talented employees who understand the world of healthcare

Auditz offers a series of sophisticated services that deliver industry leading results in focused areas. Auditz’ solutions are built on proven logic developed by skilled professionals with over fifty years of combined experience running and advising hospitals and business offices. Auditz continually invests in its unique proprietary software which enables all services to be performed in-house. While other vendors claim to provide value added benefits in these areas, Auditz’ focused approach has led to a consistent record of outperforming competing solutions. In some cases, Auditz solves problems its clients did not know existed or thought they were using the best approach to resolve. Auditz has designed its services to enable quick, customized implementations and uncover reimbursement rapidly.